Capital One asked us to promote it's mobile banking app via a series of videos. And so we did, but did so, in one instance, with the assistance of the world's premiere power metal band Dragonforce and an asteroid shower.  This also helped me cross "get nationwide banking franchise to collaborate with metal band" off my bucket list. 
The Grill Mayor
 When tasked with creating the 2014 Webby Award theme, we came up with " Behold the Miracle of the Internet ." The implication was that there are so many things competing for your attention online that if one sticks out and is worthy enough of an Webby Award...well, it's miraculous. 
  Cable network A&E approached us with the task of increasing viewership for it's cult-favored reality show   Duck Dynasty.       And increase it we did. 
  To break through the deafening Black Friday "SALE!"-noise, Samsung tasked us with doing something "simple" yet "fun" on social, while still also capturing the holiday spirit.     And thus a tweet within a tweet within a tweet, or a Tweetducken, was born. 
Spit It Out Adventure
Fair Trade Colbert
The Digital Dinner Bell
The Grill Circle
Arsenio Emoji
Unfollow Trump