About Me

Well, hello there.

I'm so glad you could make it.

What's that...?

Yes, please sit. Take off your shoes. Make yourself at home. 

Can I offer you something to drink?

With ice or without?

Yeah, I've never actually been comfortable with saying "On the rocks." It sounds like something from that movie Cocktail. 

I know. Tom Cruise...I don't know what happened, either. 

Anyway, you want to know a little more about me but I don't even know where to begin. 

Yes, I've work in advertising and I'm a music journalist and editor. I've also performed stand-up comedy for years. DJed a fair share of parties as the Krowd Pleezr. 

Seriously, yes. That was my DJ name. 

Where have I worked? Formally? Well, JWT for a few years, freelanced at Taxi New York and Mother New York, then worked at R/GA for an amazing six years. Then I was off to Momentum NY as a Creative Director.  Right now, though, I’m a freelance Creative Director. Which means I’m down to collab, as the kids say.

Are we really talking about me the whole time? Wouldn't you rather talk about Phil Collins? Canadians? Swap tuna casserole recipes?

Sure. Okay. I acquiesce. But first, a refill perhaps? 



Right now, I'm also the Managing Editor of self-titled magazine, which is intentionally lower-cased. I'm also Editor At Large for HEEB Magazine, which is intentionally capitalized. I am self-publishing my first comic book SÖNGR which is on sale in comic shops across New York City.

I also have freelanced for GOOD Magazine, Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine, New York Magazine, and Flaunt Magazine among many others. 

My celebrity look alike is Ethan Coen. Who's yours?

My celebrity look alike is Ethan Coen. Who's yours?

But enough about me....no, really!

I mean, tell me more about you! I insist. 

Oh, stop. You're being modest. You're amazing. And we can do amazing things together. 

Seriously. You have the floor. Tell me about the future. 

I'm all ears. 

Arye Dworken*
New York, NY

*Email me!