Over the last couple of years, I have been tasked with developing the brand voice for two dot com startups. This includes addressing all of their copy needs and informing the tonality for the website copy, app copy, emails and taglines. 

Magnifi.fm is the perfect new platform for organizing a night out to a live show with your friends. It enables you to reserve tickets for a twenty-four hour window so friends can purchase their own tickets, or you can wait to pay for your tickets when they do eventually commit. 

Since before its launch, I have been responsible for infusing humor and personality throughout all communications.  


Amino is a multi-million dollar start-up that enables fan communities to create their own specially designated apps according to varying interests. For example, Amino makes it possible for Doctor Who fans to create their own Whovian-centric app in which discussion, debate and news can be shared with the mutually passionate members of the community.

I was responsible for the tagline exploration and website copy for the forthcoming reboot of the brand.